World Languages

The study of a world language at the high school level can be both a rewarding and demanding endeavor. Knowledge of another language and culture is invaluable in understanding one's own language, culture, history and society. The ability to speak and understand another language opens up many career opportunities in international business, communications, education, foreign service, law, medicine, labor relations, professional translation, and fashion and travel, to name a few.

Success in the study of English is a strong indicator of potential for success in the study of another language. Students with at least a B in English will probably do well in a world language class. Other factors leading to success in world language study are a sincere desire to learn, good study habits, and a willingness to do homework on a regular basis.

Students should begin the study of a world language with a commitment to continue that study for at least two years, preferably three or four. One year's study of another language is of little lasting value; only after three years can students expect to be able to use the second language with any real success.

Students who are planning to attend a particular college/university should find out the specific requirements for entrance, since many of them have both entrance and exit requirements.

See Program of Studies for world language courses offered at Port Angeles High School.

Department Chair: Ms. Jamie Valadez