Physical Education and Health

All students at Port Angeles High School will be required to take four semesters of physical education. A one-semester course in health is required at the 9th grade level, which is one of the four semesters required. The physical education department believes that physical fitness is the major concern and goal of our program. A portion of each class period will be spent working to gain knowledge of and improve cardiovascular fitness. All elective activity classes will continue to build on this information in an effort to improve fitness, reduce stress, and develop recreational skills. A basic understanding of safety, rules and history of the sport will be required for all physical education classes.

Student participation is vital in all physical education classes. Each student is expected to suit-up on a daily basis and to attempt all activities regardless of skill level. Any combination of three non-suits, absences or tardies may result in a lower grade. Any student absent for more than 12 days in a semester may fail. All PE students are required to wear the PE uniform as stated in the PAHS PE uniform policy with no exceptions. This can be purchased at Swain’s. For financial hardships, see your teacher or guidance counselor.

Course Descriptions:  See Program of Studies

Department Chair:  TBA