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Uniform Information

Uniform Information

Uniform items are issued to Cadets at the beginning of each school year, and then on an as-needed basis as Cadets outgrow specific items and need new ones issued & tailored. There is no cost to the Cadet or their parents when uniform items are issued out, to include tailoring. Our tailor will make the required adjustments and charge our Unit, not the individual Cadet or their parents.

The only cost to the Cadet and their parents is the cost of keeping the uniform items clean. While most of the issued uniform items can be machine washed and ironed at home, some specific items require occasional dry-cleaning, and these costs are the responsibility of the Cadet and their parents. Each cadet receives training on the proper care of their uniform.

Only clean uniforms are issued out to Cadets. When a Cadet returns a uniform item, whether because they have outgrown it or because they are leaving the program, it is expected that they will be returned clean.

In order for a uniform item to be accepted back by our Unit, it must be dry-cleaned, and be brought to the Unit in the dry-cleaning bag with the dated receipt attached. If uniforms are turned in that haven’t been dry-cleaned, the Cadet will receive a fine on their student account with the high school bookkeeper.

If a Cadet leaves the program and has not turned in all of their uniform items, a fine for the non-returned uniform items will be sent to the school administration. Students cannot attend school functions, nor can their transcripts be sent or given out until they have cleared all of their school fines.

Uniform Wear and Grading Policy

Cadets are required to wear their NJROTC Uniform once a week on the designated uniform day. Normally this will be on Wednesday. The designated uniform for that week is posted on the board on Monday morning.

If a cadet has been absent or does not know the designated uniform, they should:

  1. Call a fellow cadet
  2. Call an Instructor
  3. If no communication is possible, wear the Service Uniform

Cadets need to wear their uniform for the entire day (the entire time they are at school.) Some classes are not practical to wear the uniform, i.e. Shop, Art, PE…. In these cases the student is exempt from wearing the uniform during that period. Check with an Instructor to be sure.

Uniform wear is a graded event and counts for 15% of your total grade. Cadets are graded on how they have placed insignia, the cleanliness of the uniform, that they have all proper uniform items, as well as on their grooming standards. The standards that are graded are given to each Cadet in their Cadet Reference Manual and have been explained in class.

Grading Policy:

  1. Failure to wear the uniform on uniform day: If a Cadet fails to wear their uniform on the designated uniform day (unexcused), they receive a grade of 50% for that inspection. Only Instructors are authorized to excuse a Cadet from a uniform inspection.
  2. Absent on uniform day: If a Cadet is absent on the designated uniform day, they receive a grade of zero. If a cadet has an appointment during the day, they can get inspected anytime that day before, during, or after school.

Please take the time to read and think through these grading policies. They are briefed in class and discussed almost every uniform day. Know what your responsibilities are if you fail to wear your uniform on the designated uniform day.