Scholarship Notebooks

Any student at Port Angeles High School (including Running Start students) who is thinking about going on to further their education after high school should do a scholarship notebook! They are due in February of your graduating year of high school. These notebooks are usually about 20 pages, are digital only, and about 10 pages of information about yourself followed by around 10 pages of photos/awards/activities you've participated in either at the high school or over the last 4 years anywhere. 

Turning in a notebook will allow us to send out your information to over 150 scholarship donors in our community. Last year students were awarded over $500,000 in scholarships from our community donors. 

Completing a notebook takes between 10-20 hours and you have until February 2023 to get yours done! Everyone ABSOLUTELY should turn one in if you are graduating this year! 




Contact Andrea Dusenko
College Success Foundation
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Contact Matthew Moore

General Scholarship Notebook Assistance
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Contact Katie Kozlosky
PAHS Scholarship Coordinator
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Scholarship Notebook Instructions

Letter of Recommendation worksheet

2022-2023 FAFSA 
(opens October 1st)

Federal Student Aid Information

The Washboard

If you have not set up a profile on thewashboard.org yet, you should set one up ASAP! There are numerous scholarships available on this site - many of them are local!


General Scholarship Information

Financial assistance for college comes primarily from four sources: the colleges themselves, the government, national and regional scholarships, and local scholarships. The Port Angeles community has one of the most successful local scholarship programs in the state, awarding approximately $500,000 a year to graduates. There are scholarships for students planning to attend technical colleges, vocational colleges, community colleges and four-year colleges.

Port Angeles High School also helps students access regional and national scholarships by posting scholarship applications on this website. 

The federal and state government offer grants and loans, mostly based on financial need. Families complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in early October. The high school partners with Peninsula College to hold a workshop each year to explain these government programs. 

The largest amount of scholarships are awarded by the colleges themselves. College catalogs and web sites have specific information on their offerings, so we highly encourage students to visit the website of their intended college to see what scholarships they offer and should apply immediately upon acceptance to their college. High school juniors should get help from the College Success Foundation Representative or their Counselor to develop a list of potential schools of interest. Scholarship offerings are one factor to consider when deciding where to apply.

Financial Aid Facts



Click the link below for great information from six of our
Washington State College admissions counselors
(WWU, UW, CWU, EWU, WSU and Evergreen Community College)

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