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January is School Board Recognition Month. It’s a great time to recognize our elected community members who selflessly give their time and energy to support high-quality public schooling for our youth. This community entrusts school board members in Port Angeles with responsibility for an annual budget of $60 million, 3,470 students, 479 employees, and 15 buildings.

This project is sponsored and funded by the Port Angeles School District on a Port Angeles School District school site, with the permission of the Port Angeles School District.

The work includes, but is not limited to: mobilization, temporary erosion control, clearing and grubbing, site demolition, earthwork, asphalt paving, concrete curb ramps, soil amendments, irrigation, and planting. The project range for the base bid is $440,000 to $465,000, excluding Washington State Sales Tax.

Port Angeles School District provides this annual notification to keep parents/guardians, students, staff and community members informed of any pesticide application. 

The Port Angeles School District applies pesticides as needed throughout the year.  Pesticides are only utilized when it is determined that no alternative treatment will be successful.  As much as possible, the district relies on an environmentally sensitive, common-sense approach to pest control that focuses on custodial practices, landscaping, and other preventive measures.  The district approach to pest control is devoted to removing the root causes of landscape and structural pest infestations and only calls for the use of pesticides as a last resort.

Legislative Priorities

Each year, the Port Angeles School District Board of Directors identifies critical areas in our school district that need legislative support and attention. For the 2023 legislative session, the Port Angeles School Board has highlighted these areas and is asking our legislators to prioritize and support education funding in our district and other districts across the state.