Science Club Visits “Apollo – The Lost Engines” Exhibit

Science Club Visits “Apollo – The Lost Engines” Exhibit
Posted on 06/05/2017
Science Club Visits “Apollo – The Lost Engines” ExhibitPort Angeles, Wash. – Thanks to support from the YMCA, Port Angeles Education Foundation, and AmeriCorps, six Port Angeles High School (PAHS) Science Club students visited the Museum of Flight to see the new exhibit “Apollo – The Lost Engines,” the first public display of the F-1 engines recovered from the bottom of the sea by Seattle-based Bezos Expeditions in 2013. 

“The sunken remains of the F-1s were our last missing links to the first days of space travel, and Apollo marks their first public display. A massive, aged and sculptural Apollo 12 F-1 engine that shows the scars of its service and the pressures of resting in the depths will be exhibited alongside the first Northwest display of an unused F-1, standing almost two-stories and looking as new and powerful as it did 50 years ago. Apollo 12’s story will also unfold with Moon rocks from the mission, as well as dozens of personal items used by Apollo 12 commander Pete Conrad during his career as a Navy pilot and NASA astronaut.” http://www.museumofflight.org/Exhibits/Apollo  

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Information provided by PAHS science instructor John Gallagher.