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College in the High School

FREE College in the High School Classes

The Port Angeles School District is excited to announce a FREE program for high school students! College in the High School (CHS) is a program that provides college-level academic courses at Port Angeles High School. Eligible students can earn college credit awarded by the district by taking college classes while attending PAHS.

PAHS students can now experience high school for all four years, earn college credit for FREE, and stay on campus while taking classes with their peers. This program will provide more in-depth instruction for students, especially in writing, and ultimately they will be more prepared for college.

College in the High School classes transfer to ANY two- or four-year university, not just in Washington State! Private school or homeschooled students can enroll and participate in PAHS College in the High School programs.

What is the Difference Between College in the High School and Running Start?

There are two main differences between College in the High School and Running Start.

  1. The first is where the course is offered and who teaches the class. College in the High School is taught for FREE on the PAHS campus by an eligible high school teacher. Running Start is conducted on a college campus by a college faculty member. The Running Start Program pays the tuition, and students are responsible for paying for books and lab fees for the courses and their transportation.
  2. The second difference is who is eligible to enroll in the course. Students in 11th and 12th grades are eligible to enroll in Running Start. Students in grades 10th through 12th are eligible to enroll in College in the High School.

Classes Currently offered by grade level for the 2021-22 School Year:

10th Grade:

2nd Semester – World History and Statistics

11th Grade:

Semester 1 – Pre-calculus, Chemistry, and US History

Semester 2 - US History

12th Grade:

Semester 1 – Calculus, Astronomy, and American Government

Semester 2 – Calculus and Astronomy

Are you interested in learning more about College in the High School? Contact your School Counselor today on how to enroll in this FREE program!