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Honors Programs

The honors programs are an opportunity for students to take advance classes on the campus at Port Angeles High School. The objective in granting honors and awards to students is to stimulate a desire for excellence in school work.

Academic Honors

Academic Honors will be granted to graduating seniors who have met all of the following four criteria and met timelines set forth for submission and subsequent reviews of applications:
Earned at least 24 credits with a minimum overall 3.5 grade point average, including honors-weighted courses;
Earned at least 12 of 24 credits on the campus of the Port Angeles School District high school from which he or she seeks honors;
    1. Twelve credits must come from designated courses in the five basic academic fields of  English, mathematics, science, social science and world language, with a minimum of two credits coming from each field. A minimum of eight credits from designated courses must be taken during the junior and senior year; and
    2. Met standard on all areas (e.g. reading, writing, math, science) of the state proficiency exam required for his or her graduating class; and
    3. Met the published entrance requirements of a Washington State Public university or four year college as of May 1 of the year of his or
her graduation from the high school which he or she seeks honors.
A student who transfers to a Port Angeles School District high school from a school not governed by the district must meet the above criteria, with the following modifications:
    1. In addition to having maintained an overall 3.5 grade point average in his or her prior enrollment, a transfer student must maintain a 3.5 grade point average during his or her enrollment on the campus of the district high school from which he or she seeks honors; and
    2. A transfer student must earn at least half of his or her credits on the Port  Angeles School District high school campus from which he or she seeks honors during his or her total enrollment time as a Port Angeles School District high school student.

Department Honors

Selection of department honors will be based upon completion of first semester senior year grades. Once department honors are announced, the candidates must complete their second semester classes with the same quality established throughout their high school transcript.

Seniors wanting department honors must fill out an application available in the Guidance Center. Due dates vary for each department and applications are turned in to the appropriate Department Chairperson with a transcript.

Art Honors:

Students receiving art honors at graduation must have completed the following:
Submit a formal application for art honors to the Art department instructors by the end of the first semester of their senior year;
complete 3.0 credits in art including the following courses with a 3.5 grade point average or higher; Drawing and Design, Painting, Survey of Art, Pottery, and create a digital collection of images (at least 10 pieces) of the best of their high school art work inclusive of a self-portrait on any media. Accompany that collection with an artist’s statement.

Business Honors: 

All graduating students who have earned 4 or more credits, with a minimum 3.5 GPA, from the Business/Marketing Department (1 credit must come from the completion of Accounting or Marketing Seminar) qualify for Business Honors. Work experience credits may not be used to fulfill the 4 credit requirement. Seniors must obtain a Department Honors Application from the Guidance Office and return the completed application, along with an unofficial transcript, to the Business/Marketing Department chairperson no later than the Wednesday before Spring break.

Music Honors: 

All graduating seniors who have earned 4 or more music credits in 4 consecutive years with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher can receive department honors at graduation. The student has to be a member of a large ensemble during their senior year, complete an approved senior project, and must have participated in one of the following: select ensemble (Chamber OrchestraJazz Ensemble, or Vocal Unlimited for a minimum of one year); crossover group (i.e. choir/bandband/orchestraorchestra/choir, etc.) – one year minimum; or selected for performance at All-StateAll NorthwestState Ensemble, and/or State SoloFill out this form.


To receive NJROTC Honors, students must:
    • maintain a combined grade point average of 3.0 and 3.5 in JROTC;
    • complete 3 years of JROTC;
    • obtain the rank of Chief Petty Officer or higher;
    • no offenses or punishments.

Science Honors: 

To receive science honors the student will have completed at least 4 credits of science with no grade lower than an A-.

Trade and Industry Honors:

Any graduating senior from PAHS that has earned 4 credits or more from PAHS Trade and Industry program of study (or have taken all the classes available in the program of studies), with a combined GPA (includes all T & I classes taken) of 3.3 or higher will be eligible to receive T & I honors at graduation. The student will also need to compete at a regional level or higher in a co-curricular activity that aligns with their T & I class, and in agreement with their teacher. Some examples are Cyber Patriots, Skills USA, etc. The student needs to fill out the application, which is available in guidance or from their T & I teacher and give it to the department head by the Wednesday before spring break of the year they are graduating. Applications after that date will be ineligible for T & I honors.

World Language Honors: 

To receive World Language honors the student will have completed at least 4 credits of one world language with no grade lower than an A-.