Clallam Promise Scholarship

Peninsula College President Tom Keegan and Albert Haller Foundation President Gary R. Smith announced the creation of the Clallam Promise Scholarship in June 2008, a project of the Haller Foundation in collaboration with the Gossett, Walkling and Offret Foundations.

The Clallam Promise Scholarship is designed to be an ongoing program, which encourages students to work toward a degree or certificate program at Peninsula College after high school. 

Beginning with the 2008-09 academic year, the Clallam Promise Scholarship will provide scholarships for 2008 graduates of high schools in Port Angeles, Cape Flattery, Crescent, Quillayute Valley and Sequim School Districts.  Eligible graduates must have attended a high school in one of these school districts for at least the last two years of high school and demonstrate financial need by qualifying for the school districts’ free and reduced lunch program.  The student must also be eligible for federal and/or state financial aid as determined by the Peninsula College Financial Aid Office.  A minimum grade point average is not required for application.

Continued eligibility for the scholarship requires recipients to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0, and to complete a minimum of 12 credits each quarter.  Students must show financial need each additional academic year, and may receive funding for up to the required amount of credits to complete an associate’s degree or 8 quarters of attendance, whichever comes first.  A student may remain eligible for the program for one year after the date of his or graduation from high school, and for up to three years after matriculation.

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The Haller Foundation has committed an initial contribution of $70,000 and anticipates an annual contribution of $150,000 to the scholarship fund.  The Gossett and Walkling Foundations anticipate annual contributions of $5,000 each, and the Offret Foundation an annual contribution of $4,000.

“This is an amazing opportunity for our students to receive an outstanding education locally, who might not otherwise attend college due to costs or eligibility,” Superintendent of Port Angeles Schools Gary Cohn said. “The ultimate objective of the Clallam Promise Scholarship is for every child in Clallam County to be able to earn a college degree, regardless of family means.  We invite more foundations and individuals to join us in this effort.

For information about the Clallam Promise Scholarship, call the Peninsula College Financial Aid Office at 360.417.6390. Scholarship and FAFSA applications are available in the Peninsula College Financial Aid Office and on line at www.pc.ctc.edu under the Quicklinks drop down box. Select “Financial Resources” and then “Scholarship Search.”